The Deputy Spokesperson of the United Nations: Afghanistan cannot develop without the participation of women

The United Nations has reacted to the ban on the travel of female students from Kabul to Dubai and has emphasized the observance of girls’ rights in Afghanistan.

Florencia Soto Nino, Deputy Spokesperson of the Secretary General of the United Nations, said in a press conference that the United Nations continues to support women’s rights in Afghanistan and believes that Afghanistan cannot develop without the full participation of women.

Florencia Soto Nino said: “I think what we will continue to do is to ask the current Afghan authorities to abide by their obligations under international law. We will continue to defend the rights of women and girls; Because without their full participation, Afghanistan cannot develop. It is really sad that women and girls cannot use their rights in Afghan society.

The Deputy Spokesperson of the Secretary General of the United Nations added that the exclusion of women and girls from work and education will harm Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Nasir Ahmad Faiq, the permanent representative of Afghanistan in the United Nations, has also criticized the ban on the travel of female students to Dubai.

Mr. Faiq said: “The people of Afghanistan really appreciate your efforts, generosity and support for the education of women and girls. It is really a place of regret and impression. These are un-Islamic and humane actions and are deliberately aimed at keeping people in ignorance and darkness.

Amnesty International has asked the caretaker government to immediately lift the travel restrictions on female students to the United Arab Emirates.

Amnesty International said: “This decision is a clear violation of the right to education and freedom of movement and shows the continuation of gender-based harassment against women and girls in Afghanistan.” The Taliban authorities should immediately change their decision and allow the girls to travel and study.”

Moin Gol Semkani, knowledgeable about political issues, said: “The government must also be understood. The current situation in Afghanistan should also be understood, and what they are telling us from the outside, they should have thought about this from the beginning.”

On the other hand, some women’s rights activists call the full presence of women in the country important and believe that if women’s rights are not respected, Afghanistan will become more isolated.

Soraya Pikan, a women’s rights activist, said: “If the Taliban inside and outside of Afghanistan are not prepared with national and international rules, they will never be able to get the sanctions lifted or the issue of official recognition.”

The other day, Khalaf Ahmed Al-Hebtoor, the head of Nihad Al-Hebtoor, who had given scholarships to more than 100 girls to continue their studies in Dubai, spoke about the travel ban of these girls at Kabul Airport.

The Islamic Emirate has not officially said anything about this.

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