Ministry of Industry and Trade: nearly 800 tons of pine nuts worth 800 million dollars were exported

The Ministry of Industry and Trade says that in the last five months, they have exported nearly 800 tons of pine nuts worth eight million dollars.

Officials of this ministry say that pine nuts are exported directly to other countries and they are trying to increase the amount of pine nuts.

Akhundzadeh Abdulsalam Javad, the spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said: “Fortunately, we are directly connected to China, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and we are still connected with Russia, and our exports are mostly connected through Afghanistan and airways and ports.”

According to this ministry, they have exported this amount of pine nuts to Pakistan, India, China, United Arab Emirates and some other countries.

At the same time, a number of businessmen add that in order to increase the export of pine nuts, it is necessary to meet their challenges.

Mehboobullah Mohammadi, a merchant, said: “The price of air cargo from Afghanistan is very high, of course, here the government should consider subsidy programs. Secondly, the problems that are currently added through the high government of the traders in the forests, that forest products are subject to tithes, of course this is The issues are also affecting the high prices of products or exports.

On the other hand, the Chamber of Commerce and Investment says that if the facilities are provided, the merchants can export more than 100 million dollars of pine nuts in a year, and the Islamic Emirate will also have a good income from this route.

Mohammad Yunus Momind, the first deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said: “We export approximately 75 million dollars annually, and if we process this in the best way and our processes continue here, we can increase the amount of exports to 100 million dollars.”

Based on the statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 1401 AH, 49 million dollars worth of pine nuts were exported abroad, and most of them were exported to Pakistan, China and India.

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