Mawlawi Kabir: There Will ‘Never’ Be Compromise on Islamic Law

Political Deputy Prime Minister Mawlawi Abdul Kabir said that the Islamic Emirate wants to have positive relations with the international community based on mutual respect, but it will never be ready to compromise on Islamic law.

He made the remarks at a gathering at Kabul University.

“Now the world has understood this reality, that these individuals are the heirs of Afghanistan and there is a need for engagement with them and the world is obliged to engage because they don’t have anyone else to negotiate with from the Afghanistan side,” he said.

Mawlawi Kabir stressed that those who have received both a modern and Islamic education can serve society.

“The Islamic Emirate has not only not opposed modern education but even supports it—those fields which are not against Sharia law, because we want an Afghanistan to stand on its own feet, which needs engineers and doctors,” he said.

Mawlawi Kabir referred to the US’s 20 years of military presence in Afghanistan, saying that the US war was aiming to eliminate an Islamic government in Afghanistan.

Political analysts said that the Islamic Emirate should accept the legitimate wishes of the international community.

“The interim Afghan government needs to engage with the world countries based on the national interests and Islamic values because positive engagement benefits Afghanistan for recruitment of assistance,” said Najibullah Shamal, a political analyst.

“The interim government should observe the wishes of the Afghans and international community such as with the reopening of schools and thereby pave the ground for engagement with the international community,” said Fazal Hadi, a university instructor.

To consider the recognition of the interim Afghan government, the international community stressed the need to ensure human rights and especially women’s rights, prevent Afghan soil from being used against other countries by terrorist groups, and to form an inclusive government.

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