SIGAR: Taliban Change Curriculum, Oppose Arts, Civic Education and Culture Teaching

The Taliban government has decided to change the curriculum, according to SIGAR.

To substantiate this claim, SIGAR cited the Taliban Education Commission’s assessment of the entire curriculum and its recommendations in a report.

According to SIGAR, the commission opposes the teaching of a number of textbooks, such as arts, civics, and culture, in schools.

According to SIGAR, the books cover elections, the constitution, democracy, human rights, music, and a number of other issues that the Taliban consider vulnerable and destructive.

SIGAR added that the Taliban’s Education Commission had objected to the mention of a number of individuals in some other articles, calling them “fake heroes” and calling it an erasure of history.

According to the report of the US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconstruction, the Taliban government prefers to include jihad, Islamic spirit, hijab and other issues in the curriculum.

However, the State Department told SIGAR that there was no evidence to support the curriculum change.

Some Afghan students and their families, however, say that changing the curriculum is a matter of time, adding that the change should not be seen as promoting extremism.

Omid, a Kabul resident, is an 11th grader. It is hoped that the Taliban will not repeat the current curriculum like its predecessors did.

“This change must be for progress, not to teach us the lessons of extremism and violence,” Omid said.

Khalid Sangar says the current curriculum is in line with Afghanistan’s Islamic and cultural aspirations and its content should not be tampered with without enrichment.

“Music and other cultural issues should not be left out of the curriculum. Past experiences should not be repeated in the curriculum, which gives children a warlike mentality and in the future we will witness more extremism and war,” Singer said.

The Taliban government also assures that it will not try to prevent the teaching of developmental and modern subjects in the curriculum.

Bilal Karimi, the Taliban’s deputy spokesman, told RFE / RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan: “There is no problem with any modern or technical subjects that are for development.

Earlier, Noorullah Munir, acting minister of education of Taliban government said in an interview with BNA, the curriculum will be changed and the curriculum will be “Islamic”.

But he did not elaborate.

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