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Afghanistan poverty updates

The United Nations Office in Geneva announced on Tuesday that it has provided 100 percent of the $ 606 million emergency budget needed to reduce the scale of Afghanistan’s humanitarian catastrophe this year.

Kim kardashian Helped Afghan girls

Kim Kardashian Helped Afghan Girls

Members of Afghanistan’s women’s youth development soccer team arrived in Britain early Thursday after being flown from Pakistan with the help of a New York rabbi, a UK soccer club and Kim Kardashian West.

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WPF: 24 Million Afghans Facing Acute Hunger

The World Food Program (WFP) said its assessments show that almost 24 million people are facing acute hunger–including 8.7 million in a current state of emergency. The WFP in its report on November 8 said the combination of drought and economic meltdown caused the Afghan families to suffer from hunger ahead of the cold weather. Officials of the WFP in Afghanistan said the office is attempting to provide humanitarian aid to 24 million Afghans across the country. The combined impacts of drought, conflict, COVID-19 and the economic crisis, have severely affected lives, livelihoods, and people’s access...

Taliban forces, using US armored vehicles and Russian helicopters

More than $ 28 billionAccording to a US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction report, Washington spent more than $ 28 billion from 2002 to 2017 on defense equipment and services, including the purchase of weapons, ammunition, vehicles, night-vision cameras, aircraft and systems. Regulatory has cost.

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Book stores turned into grocery stores in Badakhshan, Afghanistan

Recent political developments and economic problems have closed the doors of four bookstores in Badakhshan province. However, the owners of the other three bookstores are now selling other items besides the book in order not to pay the rent of the shop and not to empty their toilets. Book sellers in the province say that Bukhara, Fajr Ayandeh Sazan, Shafaq and Nisar Ahmad bookstores have closed, and the owners of Ghazizadeh Bookstore have turned to Chahar Maghaz, Atif Neda to raw materials and Khorasan Bozorg to Lilami. Likewise, booksellers refer to researchers and university professors who...

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