Kabul Before and After Jihad

Before Jihad, Kabul was the city of Ayaran and Radha, the home of famous poets and musicians, the land of Sarban’s passionate songs and Khyber’s fiery speeches, and Qahar Asi’s enduring poems that penetrate the human heart like a bloody dagger and split the hundred-year-old dust of sorrow. Before Jihad, Kabul had an indescribable beauty in its ugliness, tyranny and autocracy, which made this city tolerable and lovable and nurtured different minds in its belly. Now that we are troubled by sadness and violence and living in post-Jihad Kabul becomes more and more difficult every day, the pre-Jihad Kabul is more dreamy, unattainable and of course more nostalgic and remains like a beautiful dream that happened in a dream.

The contrasts of this city are so prominent that anyone who has lived in Kabul even briefly will understand that they have come to the city of secrets and legends. A land that is neither an angel nor a devil and has both disgusting ugliness and indescribable beauty. At the same time that the ugliness and mud of this city repels every person, its indescribable and bewitching beauty draws every viewer to the edge of nothingness, and the love of this city will never be forgotten; even if he is far away and does not remember that he has a homeland; even if he hates this city in his heart; Even if this city has torn its lover into pieces in “Dehmzang” and “Shah Shaheed”.

Although Kabul has always struggled with such times, but the two components of this city are tied to Jihad and religious wars, and comparing it to Kabul before Jihad and Kabul after Jihad can be better for the question of Jihad with Find out what the cable has done. It is very important to know what Jihad has done to Kabul, what it has given us and what it has taken from this city. Understanding this importance can be an opening for understanding Kabul now that it has fallen into the hands of wolves, and the lovers of its poet in the corners of the world are singing a hopeful poem for their lovers: “You are as beautiful as Kabul before Jihad”.

That’s why when we see the photos of Kabul before Jihad and the religious tolerance that exists in the books, it makes one wonder how all the nations have moved forward and we have gone backwards.

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