The claim that an Afghan citizen died of thirst on the way to Iran

According to the family members, this man had borrowed money to go to Iran.

The members of a family in Kabul say that the man of this family died of thirst on the way to Iran.

The children of this man say that poverty and unemployment forced their father to emigrate and they were not even able to transport their father’s body to Kabul.

According to the family members, this man had borrowed money to go to Iran.

Fazileh, the wife of the dead man, said: “My husband died. My children have been hungry for three or four days. My husband left because of problems so that our children would not be hungry. Now I am afraid of losing my children.”

The children of this family add that they have lost the only breadwinner of their family, who was their father, and since their mother is not allowed to work, it has become difficult for them to live.

Hasina, the daughter of the dead man, says: “He used to say that you should study because it will help you in the future. He was very interested in studying.”

Meanwhile, Beheshte Baloch, a human rights and women’s rights activist, said: “The situation of families in Afghanistan is really worrying, especially those who have lost their guardians and women are not allowed to work and work. This is what we want from the caretaker government to “Women should be allowed to work so that the scope of poverty is fixed.”

This is despite the fact that according to the United Nations, more than 24 million Afghan citizens are facing hunger.

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