The start of a new campaign to reopen girls’ schools in the country

Simultaneously with the reopening of several schools for girls above the sixth grade in Paktia, social media users have launched a campaign for the reopening of girls’ schools across the country.

Some citizens of the country welcome the reopening of several schools in Paktia and this campaign, and demand the immediate reopening of schools for girls above the sixth grade.

Some schoolgirls in Paktia are surprised to finally go back to their schools after months.

At the same time, experts say that it is possible that other schools will be reopened by the leadership of the schools and the people.

The students do not think it is enough to launch a campaign on social networks and they want the immediate reopening of girls’ schools by the caretaker government.

Atiqullah, a resident of Baghlan, said: “Although children have the right to education, God has given them the right, girls also have the right to study.”

Sohrab, a resident of Faryab, says: “The opening of school doors is actually the opening of the gate of light, the opening of the path of knowledge and knowledge is the natural, legal and hypothetical right of girls.”

Hamid Karzai, the former president of the country, has considered education as the fundamental right of every human being and has asked the caretaker government to reopen schools for female students.

On his Twitter page, Mr. Karzai once again asked the religious scholars and elders of the country to encourage students, especially girls, to education.

Hamed Karzai, the former president, said: “On the occasion of World Literacy Day, access to education is one of the most basic human rights that brings nations to excellence and prosperity. I wish that the honorable scholars, elders and influential people of the country encourage the education of our dear youth, both boys and girls, as much as possible. In this regard, I want the Islamic government to open the doors of secondary schools and high schools for girls all over the country and provide education for the children of the country so that we can all achieve progress and prosperity by relying on their powerful arms.

On the other hand, Rina Amiri, the special representative of the United States of America for the human and women’s rights of Afghanistan, said that Afghanistan is the only country in the world that prevents the education of girls.

Ms. Amiri said: “Afghan girls are still denied access to education. No other country prevents the education of its children in this way. “Afghan girls dream of a day when they can go back to school with their brothers and contribute to the future of Afghanistan.”

A number of female students say that going to school does not only mean learning for them, but they are also deprived of education, social skills such as speaking skills, social etiquette and manners.

“I hope that the Islamic Emirate will open the doors of the schools again,” says Parvaneh, a grade 10 student.

Another student told TOLOnews: “It hurts a lot, for example, as soon as he goes to school, the teacher teaches him everything, how to speak, how to work, how to study and all this, and he misses everything. »

Meanwhile, the representative of the United States of America in the United Nations said in a meeting with Rina Amiri and a number of Afghan women that he will continue to support Afghan women and girls.

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