Over 1,000 Tuberculosis Cases in Kandahar: Officials

More than one thousand people have been infected with tuberculosis in Kandahar in the last six months.  

Health officials in the province said that children, women, and elderly people are included in this number.  

“In the last six months, we had approximately 1,160 tuberculosis patients, which has decreased by six and a half percent compared to last year, and overall, the level of the disease among women is higher,” said Jamaluddin Azimi, head of the tuberculosis section in Public Health Department in Kandahar.  

According to the officials, the main reason for the spread of tuberculosis is the lack of treatment.

Khan Mohammad, 70, a resident of Shahjoy district in Zabul province, said that he has been in treatment for several months and has been struggling with the challenges of the disease. 

“It has been 12 months since I was in treatment, but it did not benefit me. When I came here to the Doctors Without Borders center, I was treated, the doctors said that I will get well,” said Khan Mohammad.  

“I came here, the doctors treated me and helped me with everything, and now I am fine,” said Abdul Ahad, a Helmand resident.  

Currently, 75 people suffering from tuberculosis are being treated at the Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kandahar, most of whom are women and children.  

“In the last six months, we have newly diagnosed and registered 415 people with tuberculosis in Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar and Sarpouzeh Prison,” said Mujeeb Rahman, deputy of the Doctors Without Borders center in Kandahar.  

Cough, fever, and weight loss are the main symptoms of tuberculosis.  

According to the information of the World Health Organization, many people in Afghanistan die every year due to this deadly disease.  

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