Angelina Jolie’s letter to Matiullah Wisa, an activist for girls’ education, who is imprisoned by the Taliban

Angelina Jolie, the famous star of Hollywood cinema, has written a letter to Matiullah Wisa, an activist for girls’ education in Afghanistan, who is imprisoned by the Taliban, thanking her for her activities. In this letter, he said that he joined other activists in trying to free him.

Ms. Jolly, who is also an activist in humanitarian affairs, also shared photos of Matiullah Wisa on her Instagram account and wrote: “He is one of the Afghan men who defends the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.”

He added that Mr. Wisa “opposed the Taliban’s decision to ban girls from going to school.” Now he is in prison. I wrote a letter to support him today.

Five days after the Taliban returned to power, on August 20, 2021, Ms. Jolly opened her Instagram account with a letter from a schoolgirl from Afghanistan and wrote, “While the people of Afghanistan are losing their freedoms, I have come to Instagram to I want to share their stories and the voices of those around the world who are fighting for their basic human rights.”

Angelina Jolie wrote in her letter to Matiullah Wisa: “Like many of my friends in Afghanistan, I followed the news of your arrest and imprisonment with shock.”

The letter continues: “I know that you have dedicated more than a decade of your life to helping Afghan children, especially in rural areas, to have access to books and tools and the opportunity to go to school.”

In another part of this letter, Angelina Jolie wrote: “Like you, I hope that the day will come when every Afghan child can go to school, high school or university and freely contribute to a peaceful Afghanistan.” Although we haven’t met yet, I hope to see you soon. I dream of going to Kabul again and sitting with you, your family, friends and colleagues who are committed to supporting children to achieve success.”

Motiullah Wisa is the founder of the educational institution “Rah Qalam” in Afghanistan and a prominent activist for girls’ education in Afghanistan, who was arrested by the Taliban in March of this year on charges of “self-indulgent activities”.

Afghan political figures and human rights organizations have repeatedly called for his release.

The Taliban have closed schools/secondary schools, high schools and universities to girls, saying that “a suitable environment” is needed to reopen them.

Angelina Jolie’s trip to Afghanistan (review)

Angelina Jolie is one of the famous and popular Hollywood artists who has a special interest in charity and humanitarian work and always continues her activities.

Angelina Jolie Voight (English: Angelina Jolie Voight ) was born on June 4, 1975. She is a famous American actress, jewelry designer, school philanthropist who has built schools in some needy countries and is the “UN Goodwill Ambassador for Refugees”. She has been chosenmany times by various magazines and ceremonies as the most beautiful, attractive and best mother of an actress and… He has also won the Golden Globe Award three times, the Screen Actors Guild Award twice, and the Oscar Award once.

” Angelina Jolie ” is a famous Hollywood star (the famous star of the world’s largest movie center) and she is known as a peace ambassador from the United Nations. She has been working in the field of humanitarian activities for some time, in her latest charitable activity she opened a girls’ school . He established a school in a village near Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan , at his own expense. According to this report, this school, which was built in 2012 , has a capacity of 200 to 300 female students.

Angelina Jolie, the famous star of the American cinema and the goodwill ambassador of the United Nations for refugees, during her unannounced visit to Afghanistan, called to focus on the situation of the refugees who returned to this country.

During her two-day trip to Kabul, Mrs. Jolly expressed concern about the lack of necessary facilities for those returning to Afghanistan.

There is a school for children and health services are offered to the people. Angelina Jolie, who was speaking at a gathering of refugees who returned to Afghanistan in one of the villages north of Kabul, called Afghanistan a special place and said that she will visit this country again.

A number of girls are going to study in the school that was built in this village with the financial help of Mrs. Jolly. At the end of this meeting, in a statement, he asked the international community to help Afghanistan in providing infrastructure for refugees.

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