Dollar to Afghani Price; The value of the Afghan currency continues to plummet against the dollar

The Afghan currency is losing more and more value against the US dollar with each passing day, and the country’s economy is sinking deeper into crisis. This situation increases the economic pressure on the people.

The value of the dollar against the Afghani in Afghanistan’s foreign exchange market is skyrocketing every day. On Monday, December 13, a dollar of 120 to 125 afghanis was traded in Sarai Shahzadeh, Afghanistan’s largest currency exchange, the lowest value of the Afghan currency against the dollar in two decades.

Dollar to Afghani price chart

Before the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, one US dollar was exchanged for about 77 afghanis. The depreciation of the Afghani has accelerated in recent days, from about one week ago to 100 afghanis, until on Monday, one dollar was even exchanged for 125 afghanis.

“The dollar has disappeared from the market,” Mohammad Tahir Qayyumi, a member of the House of Representatives’ leadership council, told Reuters.

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