The 15-year-old Afghan student (Sotoudeh Froutan) is among 25 influential women in the world

The Financial Times of London has named Sotoudeh Froutan, a 15-year-old Herati schoolgirl, as one of the 25 most influential women in 2021.

This announcement is focused more on women who have tried to redefine their lives. Those who have played key roles in recreating society, their culture and even the world.
Sotoudeh Foroutan, a month ago at a rally in Herat province attended by Taliban officials, encouraged Islamic Emirate officials to allow girls to continue their education in a short speech.
Sotoudeh, who is also a student, criticized the closure of the gates of girls’ schools during a celebration of the Prophet’s birthday.

“Today, as the representative of the girls, I want to convey the message of our hearts to you,” she said. “We all know that Herat is a city of science, why should girls’ schools remain closed?”
About two hundred people attended the rally, and Sotoudeh called on the Islamic Emirate to open the gates of girls’ schools.
Sotoudeh’s videotape was widely circulated among social media users, and users praised her for her speech.
The Financial Times has now placed Sotoudeh on the list of most influential women of the year for her passionate speech and the encouragement of officials to reopen girls’ schools.
The Financial Times annually publishes a list of twenty-five influential women in the world who have worked in the fields of peace and charitable activities for women.

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