Children in Afghanistan are in urgent need of assistance

UNICEF: Ten million children in Afghanistan are in urgent need of assistance

Meanwhile, displaced families in the country say they are unable to provide raw materials for their children.

Lack of access to adequate food, medicine and safe drinking water are some of the challenges that children in Afghanistan face.

Officials at a number of hospitals say that the disease of malnutrition among children is increasing more rapidly than ever before.

“With the recent developments, the number of our patients is in bed,” said Mohammad Latif Baher, chief physician at Andragandi Child Health Hospital.

Child rights activists also see the plight of the country’s children as worrying.

“If the international community does not pay attention to the people of Afghanistan, and especially to children, we will see a humanitarian crisis in the not-too-distant future,” said Zarqa Yaftali, a children’s rights activist.

The reduction of aid and the deterioration of the economic situation following the recent developments in the country have endangered the lives of the country’s children.

Afghan Children Playing
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