In three months, four million Afghan children were deprived of education

More than 4 million children are out of school in Afghanistan, with girls being the most affected.

For many of the country’s children, completing primary school remains a distant dream – especially in rural areas and for girls – despite recent progress in raising enrolment.

In the poorest and remote areas of the country, enrolment levels vary extensively and girls still lack equal access.

The underlining reasons for low girls’ enrolment is insecurity and traditional norms and practices related to girls’ and women’s role in the society. Other reasons can be explained in part by a lack of female teachers, especially in rural schools. Only 16 per cent of Afghanistan’s schools are girls-only, and many of them lack proper sanitation facilities, which further hinders attendance.

Afghan Girl at school

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has announced the launch of educational institutions in Afghanistan, saying that four million children have been deprived of education in the past three months.

In the last three months, UNICEF has established 5,350 classrooms across Afghanistan, providing education to 142,700 children in Afghanistan.

Afghan Children with UNICEF BACK BAGS

It has called for more steps to be taken to educate children in Afghanistan, noting that more than 4 million children have dropped out of school in the past three months, half of them girls.

With the rise of the country’s Taliban, the gates of schools for girls above the sixth grade have been closed in most provinces.

Although the Taliban have always emphasized that they are working on a way to educate girls in schools in accordance with Islamic principles and values, but; More than three months later, this road is not ready.

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