Iran-Afghanistan border Clashes

Iran’s border forces and Afghanistan’s Taliban ended clashes over a “border misunderstanding” near the Afghan province of Nimroz, Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency said on Wednesday.”The clashes ended and Iran is discussing the dispute over the border with the Taliban,” Tasnim said, adding that reports over the capture of an Iranian border camp by the Taliban were false.

According to eyewitnesses, Iranian forces clashed with the Taliban on the border in Nimruz region of Afghanistan, Afghan International reported on Wednesday.

The report quoting local residents in southwestern Afghanistan said that Iranian forces crossed into Afghan territory.

Amaj News based in Kabul also quoted local sources as saying that Iranian forces used heavy weapons and the Taliban have dispatched armored American Humvees to confront Iran’s border troops.

In the video published in “Amaj News”, a voice is heard speaking in Baluchi, pointing to the distance and saying, “Talib fired, they captured Dost Mohammad checkpoint, they also beat Siahchom checkpoint.”

At the same time, the Tasnim news agency stressed that no Iranian border checkpoint was under Taliban control.

Official Iranian sources have not yet commented on the reports.

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