A young man was shot dead in Badakhshan for listening to music

Badakhshan: Sources in Badakhshan province say the Taliban shot a 19-year-old man for listening to music.

The sources told that the incident took place on Tuesday, the 17th of Aqrab, in Zargaran village of Ishkashim district of Badakhshan province.

The young man killed was named Wahidullah and had just graduated from school.

Wahidullah was killed by the Taliban while listening to music with his earphones.

According to sources, the Taliban first demanded his cell phone and, after noticing that he was listening to music, beat him and then shot him.

Officials in the Taliban-led government, however, have not yet commented.

In addition, the Taliban have banned Western-style shaving and shaving in some provinces.

It is worth mentioning that the Taliban in Badakhshan and a number of provinces of the country have banned listening to and playing music, and those who listen to or play music are persecuted by them.

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