World Cup Ticket Types and Prices

Types of Qatar World Cup tickets

Tickets for World Cup games are available both in general form, which is registration for lottery and has 4 categories, and in special form, which is definitive and without lottery in 5 categories.

FIFA general tickets have been drawn only in two stages, the results of which have been announced to applicants via email. General FIFA ticket categories depend on the venue. The category is the most expensive category of tickets, which costs about 200 dollars (800 Qatari Rials) and its place is the seats in the middle of the two sides of the stadium. The viewing angle of these positions is excellent. Category 2 costs around 156 dollars (600 Qatari Rials) and their place is located in the 4 corners of the stadium. Category 3 stands are behind the gates on both sides of the stadium and cost around $70 (250 Qatari Rials). But the Chaham category only belongs to Qatari citizens, whose price is 11 dollars (40 rials).

The lottery of FIFA public tickets in the second stage has been done recently and the winners of these tickets have been determined.

FIFA Hospitality tickets are non-raffle tickets, but actually include various hospitality packages with game tickets, and their prices range from $950 to $600,000.

2022 World Cup ticket price

Buying tickets for the 2022 World Cup is different according to the category of tickets and its type (general or special FIFA hospitality).

Qatar World Cup general tickets (lottery)

Category 1200 dollars (800 Qatari rials)
Category 2156 dollars (600 Qatari Rials)
Category 370 dollars (250 Qatari rials)
Category 4 (Qatar citizens)11 dollars (40 rials)

FIFA hospitality tickets

This type of ticket includes more services such as reception and open menu restaurant and VIP stand, etc. If you are not selected in the lottery, buying a ticket for the 2022 World Cup with this method is definitive.

Pearl Lounge$4,950
MATCH Private Suite$600,000
MATCH Business Seat$3,050
MATCH Pavilion$1,900
MATCH Club$950

How to Buy World Cup Tickets?

Payment of tickets for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

If you are among those who have been selected in the Qatar World Cup lottery, you will need to pay through a Visa card to buy tickets for the 2022 World Cup.

2022 World Cup ticket payment procedures

To buy tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, you must first enter the FIFA website and select the Tickets option:

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