Reading culture and recommendations for it How to become a reader?

Reading is one of the qualities that many of us like to have, but most of us do not devote enough time and patience to reading books. We have tried to collect some of the most important points about reading books with a little reading and searching.

For each of these points, consider the following:

The ability to read quickly is not always an advantage

Speed ​​reading classes around the world promise their participants that they can read faster and better. This is true to a large extent. We don’t move our eyes over the text in the right way. Sometimes we read a sentence or paragraph several times and…

You don’t always have to finish reading a book you’ve started

Don’t be a perfectionist. You might see a few books and pick them up and read them and drop them halfway through. It is not your fault. But maybe you haven’t found the right and interesting book. Be sure that after a while you get to know your reading taste better, these types of half and half books will occupy a smaller share.

Stay away from distractions

It seems very obvious. But it is important that before starting to read the book, the internet, mobile phone and television are away from you. Make important calls before reading. Check important emails beforehand. Do some browsing and then get to reading.

Consider a fixed and specific place to study

Preferably consider a specific place to study at home or at work. Studying should be our most enjoyable activity.

You don’t need to create the conditions of “confinement in solitary confinement” to study. It is better to put tea or any other drink or food that you like next to you before starting to study.

By doing this, reading moments with good memories will be recorded in your mind.

Don’t forget that we, like any other creature, simply become conditioned.

Stay away from minimal spaces as much as possible

One of the characteristics of our age and our generation is that we are interested in short and minimalist texts (in its general sense, not in its literary sense).

Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and other social networks have accustomed us to read short texts.

Many of us have learned from experience that long sentences on Facebook and Instagram and other messaging software have less chance of being read and liked.

But the fact is that short sentences may feel good or inspire momentarily, but they never have the effect of a long text.

To promote the habit of reading, it is necessary to move away from minimal spaces. Not to leave Facebook, Twitter, etc. But let’s remember that the constant habit of reading short texts reduces our boredom in reading long texts.

Talk to others about the books you read

One of the joys that many readers have experienced is talking to others about the books they have read. Do not miss this opportunity.

If you have limited time and can’t sit and talk with other people, maybe starting a blog is a good idea.

Remember that not all of us have the same taste in reading books and it shouldn’t be

It is very good to use the opinion of others in reading books; But always remember that people have different tastes in reading books.

It’s okay if someone I really like recommends a book and after reading a few pages I feel like it’s not my book. In our educational system, during 12 to 20 years, we learn to read the materials that others have forced us to read. Let’s be careful not to continue this bad habit in the rest of our lives.

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