Afghan Female Athletes

A number of Afghan girls and young women asked the Islamic Emirate (current government) to allow them to continue their sports activities inside Afghanistan and abroad

These Afghan girls said they are worried about preserving the achievements they have made and are concerned about their uncertain future.

Qadria, 17 years old, ( winer of three gold medals in martial arts)

“I ask the current government to allow us to do our activities publicly. We do not want our two years’ of effort to be wasted,” she said.

member of Female Sporting Team

Afghan women and girls made large achievements since 2001 in national and global sport activities.

However, the political change now holds an uncertain future for girls in Afghanistan.

During their previous rule some 20 years ago, the Taliban stopped girls from receiving any form of education.

Women were unable to leave their homes without a male relative, were not allowed to work and were forced to wear the all-covering burqa.

Those who defied them commonly received punishments and beatings.

Meanwhile, some other girl athletes called on the international community to not allow their achievements to fade away.

“We want the United Nations and human rights organizations to not stay silent regarding our rights,” said Parisa Amiri, an athlete.

At the same time, the Islamic Emirate said that female athletes are allowed to carry on their activities under Islamic regulations and framework.

“No one’s rights will be violated. We give everyone the right and status according to the Sharia and Islamic regulations, and we give rights to girls based on the Islamic framework,” said Bilal Karimi, the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate.

Football’s world governing body Fifa has written to a number of governments to request the emergency evacuation of female players from Afghanistan.

Players are said to fear for their lives following the Taliban’s takeover of the Afghan capital Kabul.

Players’ organisation Fifpro is also calling for help.

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