9 Years old Afghan Girl Sold to 55 Years old Man

Desperate families say they’re being forced to sell their young daughters in order to survive.

Parvaneh; The girl who dreamed of becoming a teacher was sold
According to CNN, the 9-year-old Parvaneh was sold to 55-year-olds for more than 200,000 afghanis (2000$).

Afghan 9 years old girl and Afghan 55 years old man

“Parvaneh was cheap and his father was very poor,” said the man, who is 46 years older than Pervaneh.
Prior to the deal, Parvaneh tried to change her parents’ mind, but her plea had no effect. Parvaneh had said that she wanted to study and become a teacher.
Poverty in Badghis (west-northern of Afghanistan) has caused many families to sell their children.

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