Properties of Panjshir Emerald of Afghanistan

Local officials in Panjshir announced the lawful extraction of emeralds from its mines and said their sales were valued at close to 25 million afghani.

Officials said that they recently put up for bid an emerald of more than 1,200 carats, which two businessmen were successful in buying.

“There was a total of two mines. The price was determined with the presence of the delegation. It was put up for free bidding as demanded by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum,” said Mohammad Hakim Agha, the governor of Panjshir province.

“It has been almost three-weeks since we started working. These minerals were extracted in the third week. We are hoping God will give us something from these mines,” said Mohammad Hossein, a miner.

Businesspeople say they want the authorities to prevent the smuggling of emeralds to other countries and their illegal sale.

“All mines were closed during the former government. There was no intention by the government to benefit the people. They were saying it is government property, but they couldn’t stop the extraction and it was all smuggled,” said Haji Faisal, head of the union of stone selling.

“Panjshir is famous emeralds, which are even exported to the US,” said Mohammad Naeem, a trader.

Panjshir emerald stone

Afghanistan has many precious mines, one of the most valuable stones, Panjshir emerald, is extracted, most of the emerald stones have impurities, which can be in the form of gas bubbles or bands or dark and light spots, as well as guest minerals, strings Internal etc. are also considered impurities of emerald stone.

What makes Afghan emerald special and unique is its very good clarity. Most of the emeralds, even the quality examples of Afghan emeralds, have surface cracks, but the Afghan Panjshir emeralds are mostly extremely clean and pure, and at the same time, they are of very high quality, and this is part of the properties of Afghan emeralds. Contrary to people’s perception that Afghanistan is a poor country, this country has a huge treasury of precious and semi-precious gems. In fact, Afghanistan is one of the oldest green emerald mining areas in the world, and the old history of Afghan emerald reaches six thousand five hundred years.

According to the World Bank report, the total price of Afghanistan’s emeralds is approximately three million US dollars per year, of which two million are reserved for Panjshir emeralds and the rest for Badakhshan lapis lazuli and Nuristan precious stones.

The report of the United Nations Development Department also states that Afghanistan’s precious gems are worth five million dollars annually, and this value can reach about $160 million annually after proper use and extraction methods.

Green emerald properties for the body

1- The green emerald stone is a gem with a lot of energy and many properties. Using the properties of Afghan emerald or other types of emerald is very useful and effective to prevent epilepsy. Especially for people who have a hereditary background of epilepsy in their family. This is the reason why in the olden days, kings used to hang a piece of this gem around their necks when their babies were born, so that they would not suffer from epilepsy.

2- Emerald half set or green emerald necklace and placing it on the heart chakra is very effective in the treatment of blood clots and diseases related to blood, as well as placing it on the heart chakra in the treatment of blood clots and blood diseases, as well as treatment It is very useful to slow the heart muscles and strengthen the strength of the heart.

3- Another property of Afghan emerald or Panjshir emerald mentioned in the texts is that it is effective for the body’s digestive system. Placing it on the solar chakra of the body cleans and activates the gallbladder ducts and also strengthens the stomach and cures stomach ulcers.

4- The use of green emerald is very useful in the treatment of internal bleeding, especially in the treatment of bloody diarrhea.

5- Looking at this gem leads to an increase in the light of the eyes, and the water that is mixed with this gem causes the improvement of eye diseases.

6- Carrying panjshir emerald is useful for pregnant women, and if it is tied on the thigh of a pregnant woman during childbirth, it facilitates childbirth.

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