Taliban-led government shelters New Zealand-based Badr reporter denied entry

A pregnant and single New Zealand journalist has sought help from the Taliban-led government after her country barred her from returning to the country due to coronavirus quarantine.

Charlotte Bliss, a New Zealand journalist, wrote on Saturday, 9 Aquarius, that she should tell people she was married, according to Taliban officials, and contact them if she had a problem.

According to Bliss, it is very ironic that he once asked the Taliban about their treatment of women, but now he is asking the same questions of his own government [New Zealand].

“When the Taliban offers you – a pregnant and single woman – safe haven, they know your situation is in shambles,” Bliss wrote.

The New Zealand correspondent said he worked for Al Jazeera last year to cover the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and drew international attention by questioning Taliban leaders about their treatment of women and girls.

She added that she returned to Qatar in September and found out she was pregnant by her partner, Jim Hoylbrook, a freelance photographer and colleague at the New York Times.

He stated that sex outside of marriage is illegal in Qatar and realized that he had to leave the country.

Bliss said he had tried several times to return to New Zealand with a lottery system, but had failed.

He added that he resigned from Algeria in November and moved to Huelbrook, Belgium, but could not stay long because he did not have a residence visa.

The New Zealand correspondent said Afghanistan was the only place to live for a visa.

“Tell the people that you are married and call us if there is a problem, do not worry,” the New Zealand correspondent was quoted as saying by the New Zealand correspondent.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Bliss said that pregnancy in Afghanistan is similar to the death penalty due to poor maternity care and lack of surgical capabilities.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 New Zealand’s Minister of Response, Chris Hopkins, said his office had asked authorities to look into appropriate procedures for Billy.

He stressed that more explanation seems to be needed in this case.

Taliban officials have not yet commented on the incident.

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