Germany For Asylums Seekers

  • Here you find some useful information about asylum seeker procedure in Germany.

    Arrival in Germany (First 5 Steps)

    In this article you will understand the very first 5 steps when you arrive to Germany as an Asylum Seeker. Learn More

    Asylum in Germany – پناهندگی در آلمان

    Interview for Asylum Seekers in Germany

    After you arrive to Germany as an Asylum Seeker. you must present to few interviews which is taken by Asylum Service officers. Learn More

    Asylum in Germany – مصاحبه مهاجرین در آلمان

    The Decision For Asylum Seekers

    After you finish your interviews, you will receive a decision from Asylum Service Office. and it tells you whether your case is accepted or rejected. Learn More

Asylum in Germany – تصمیم اداره فدرال

Forms of Protection in (Asylum, Refugee, Subsidiary, Ban on Deportation) – Their Rights Explained !

Every Asylum Seeker in Germany must know the four forms of Protection. Learn More

afghan reporter
Asylum in Germany – اقامت اجتماعی٬ سیاسی وغیره

Family Asylum – Family Reunification

This article gives you all the necessary information. on How To Bring Your Family to Germany. Learn More

family reunification in germany
Asylum in Germany – پیوند فامیلی در آلمان

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