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Afghanistan is probably the last place you would expect a supercar to be built and have a Made in Afghanistan label on it.

But a team of Afghan supercar enthusiasts and engineers have done just that.

Last month, the Made in Afghanistan supercar went viral on social media. A team of Afghan technicians and IT experts developed supercar named “Mada 9”. As per media reports and videos on social media, the car was made by Afghanistan’s Navavari Center of Technical and Vocational Education from scratch. It’s a product of collaboration between the Afghan IT ministry, Afghanistan Innovation Center, and ENTOP.

Made in Afghanistan car Mada 9

First car made in Afghanistan
Mada 9 |car made in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Super Car MADA 9 Specifications

Afghanistan Super car made in Afghanistan

While specifics are unknown, development footage and images indicate. That the Mada 9’s body is built of lightweight composite materials.

The car is built on a tubular frame chassis and has an F1-style effective working suspension. As well as a mid-engine configuration with the engine behind the driver. Its outstanding traction on snow-covered roads in the current footage also suggests an all-wheel drive drivetrain.

In the latest photos, the supercar can be seen parked on a road in the snow, looking chic. The black-coloured exterior gives it a dominant and aggressive look, and without a doubt, it is impressive.

Super car made in Afghanistan MADA 9
Mada 9 in Kabul, Afghanistan

The brand’s name is ‘Entop’ with a silver-color engraved logo of ‘E’ in the middle of the front bumper.

Muhammed Reza Ahmadi, the CEO of Entop auto studio in Afghanistan and his team members have designed and produced the first Afghanistan made sport car for the Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center of Afghanistan.

The Black Sport Car Made in Afghanistan

This car has become very well known on social media. ENTOP CEO, Muhammad Raza Ahmadi said his company has been developing this prototype for last five years.

The company has vowed to share more details about this supercar in future, although there is no date given for its official launch. So, we will have to wait for the car for the time being and let’s see when this supercar in its actual shape and condition will be unveiled by Afghan government.

Afghanistan supercar – a first for the country

Developing the Mada 9 might seem like an overly ambitious project, but it could prove a significant milestone for the people of Afghanistan if the supercar is successful.

Afghanistan super car with Taliban

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