Dropshipping In Germany 2023 -How To Succeed

Dropshipping has gained immense popularity in Germany over the years. It’s a type of online retailing where the seller does not have any physical inventory, instead, he orders the product directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler as soon as an order is placed. This has many benefits for the seller as he does not have to worry about the storage and maintenance of the products, he can test new products with minimal risk, and he can run the business from anywhere with an internet connection.

The e-commerce market in Germany is one of the largest in Europe and it continues to grow at a steady pace. In 2023, it is expected that the market size will reach over $94 billion, making it an ideal market for dropshipping businesses. The country has a high internet penetration rate and a large number of online shoppers, making it a prime market for e-commerce businesses.

One of the major advantages of dropshipping in Germany is the availability of a wide range of products from various suppliers. You can easily find suppliers for any niche or product category. Additionally, the country has a well-established logistics infrastructure, which ensures fast and reliable delivery of products to customers.

However, there are some challenges that need to be considered when starting a dropshipping business in Germany. The country has strict consumer protection laws, which means that as a business owner, you must ensure that the products you are selling comply with the regulations and that you have all the necessary documentation. Additionally, German customers are known for their high expectations of customer service and delivery times, so it’s important to have a good customer service system in place.

Why choose dropshipping in Germany?

Germany is considered to be the leader of the European economy. Research has shown that the country has one of the highest standards of living in the world. This means that Germany offers many opportunities for online entrepreneurs, such as dropshippers. Are you a resident of Germany or do you regularly stay in this country? Then you know better than anyone that Germany offers you everything you need for dropshipping. Among other things dropshipping in Germany offers you the following benefits:

  • ever-increasing digital buyer penetration
  • virtually all desired payment methods are available
  • all kinds of popular shop categories in which you can operate as a dropshipper
  • clear laws and regulations
  • good infrastructure to ensure good logistics

So you can say that Germany, as a country, has a lot to offer anyone who wants to start an online dropshiping business in this country. However, it is not necessary to limit yourself, as a dropshipper, only to the German market. In fact, you can also target neighbouring countries, such as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Do you really want to take the plunge? Then you should also consider operating in countries such as Australia and the United States. After all, as a dropshipper, you are never tied to a fixed location. By being active on the right marketplaces, you can get started anywhere in the world.

How do you start dropshipping in Germany?

How do you start dropshipping in Germany?

To be successful in dropshipping in Germany, it is important that you proceed systematically. We have detailed exactly how you should do this below.

1. Choose a business idea

The niche within which you operate as a dropshipper can make or break you. This is because the niche you choose will largely determine the success you will have as an online entrepreneur. It is therefore important that you think carefully about the niche in which you want to operate as a dropshipper. Don’t just choose a niche that you, yourself, are very interested in. After all, it is not a given that you will share this interest with a large audience.

2. Make a competitive analysis

Do you know which products you want to sell? Then start looking for your competitors. After all, they are obviously doing something that works well. So, before you actually start, make a good competitive analysis. This will help you figure out how to reach your target audience.

3. Create an identity

To start an online shop, you need a domain name. This is an online address by which customers can recognise your shop. So choose a catchy, clear name that sticks. Your domain name contributes towards creating brand awareness among your target audience.

4. Create your online shop

Next, you can get to work ‘building’ your online shop. You can do this yourself or you can outsource it to a website developer. It all depends on your preference. Are you going to create your online shop yourself? Then choose an easy-to-use e-commerce platform, such as WooCommerce. This platform has several plugins you can use for free as a novice dropshipper. Have you been in the dropshipping business for a bit longer? Then you may also consider using paid plugins.

5. Look for reliable suppliers

Your reputation as an online entrepreneur depends, among other things, on the suppliers you work with. So it is important to look for reliable suppliers. This will ensure you have fewer problems with shipping, the delivery and stock of products. So don’t just go for the first supplier you find, take your time. Once you have suffered reputational damage as an online entrepreneur, this cannot be easily repaired.

6. Easily import products with Woosa plugins

Woosa has a variety of plugins designed for WooCommerce dropshipping, and each one has different characteristics. Therefore, choosing the one that gives you the best site features and matches your supply is up to you.

In short, you can find here the best dropshipping plugin for WordPress.

7. Improve SEO on your dropshipping store

Using all possible tools and strategies to succeed when running your dropshipping store is very important.

One of the key steps to success in dropshipping is applying search engine optimization (SEO) to your business. Using an eCommerce platform like WordPress, it is easy to improve SEO.

Look at the steps to improve the SEO of your dropshipping website.

8. Make use of advertisements

Is your online business now standing tall? Then get to work on creating ads. By launching a marketing campaign, you can quickly reach your target audience. Are you not doing this? Then it might take a bit longer before your target audience actually knows how to find you. By creating visibility, there is a chance that your business will be successful sooner. Of course, determining the right marketing strategy is important here. After all, not every ad will be lucrative.

How dropshipping works?


Find an online supplier who has the products you want to sell


Show the supplier’s products with marked up prices on your website and advertise them


Receive direct payment from the customers who buy from your website


Redirect the orders to your suppliers and pay them their original price. Keep the profits to yourself!


Do nothing: the supplier will ship the order directly to your clients


Repeat! Find more products and suppliers if you like, and enjoy greater earnings!


In conclusion, dropshipping in Germany can be a profitable business opportunity in 2023. The country has a large and growing e-commerce market and a strong logistics infrastructure. However, as a business owner, you must be aware of the regulations and have a good customer service system in place to ensure customer satisfaction. With the right approach, dropshipping in Germany can be a successful business venture.

Dropshipping in Germany is definitely recommended. After all, Germany is a major economic link within the European economy. You can find plenty of plugins from German marketplaces that you can integrate into your online shop. Think of Kaufland.de and Zalando, for example. Do you want to get started, dropshipping in Germany? Then know that WooCommerce is the best solution for starting a German dropshipping business.

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